Ted Talk Thursday ~ The Price of Happiness

Happiness depends upon ourselves. ~ Aristotle ~

It’s been a spectacular week in the campo.  The weather is hovering somewhere between Dry Season and Wet Season and we’ve had a few rains but more sunny days.  There are cooler breezes in the morning giving way to spectacularly blue skies, things are greening up and the birds are nesting.

Yesterday we went to the vivero (green house) in Guarare to buy a few more plants for our neighbor’s garden.  I didn’t intend on buying anything for our garden, we have more than enough in our little yard but I happened upon a plant I’ve been looking for called “Tres Amores”.  There are plenty of these bushes around but to find one that is fragrant is rare and so I pulled it out of its resting spot.  The sweet señora owner told me that it wasn’t for sale  and I was willing to accept that I couldn’t take it; but after seeing my disappointment told me I could have it.   As we took our leave I gave the señora who I call “Mama” a hug and thanked her for allowing me to buy the plant.  It was such a simple thing but it really made my day.

Today’s Ted Talk is an older one about the price of happiness.  It’s a short piece that left me wanting more.  I think it had to do with the excess he demonstrated but he never really dug deeper or gave context to the topic.  Maybe his point was to compare these items with less expensive things of the same type.  What  I questioned, was if people who can afford to buy all the expensive items in the video are any happier than me, with my plant now making its home in my front garden.  It looks a little ragged right now in its new home, a simple living thing.  But there it is wafting its fantastic scent in the cool of morning; providing us such unpretentious happiness and contentment in the campo.

Tres Amores

Looking for a little happiness?  Read on:



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2 Responses to Ted Talk Thursday ~ The Price of Happiness

  1. lyapp says:

    I love this. Thank you so much xxx Linda

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