Pedasi and Isla Iguana

Mi amiga Kris’ post and wonderful photos about our day on Isla Iguana. Enjoy. 🙂

The Panama Adventure

We just finished a short but wonderful visit to Pedasi with indacampo and her SU. Holly hadn’t met our blogger friends, and we all had a wonderful time talking and laughing, and spending time together without computer screens between us.

One of the highlights of the visit was an afternoon at Isla Iguana, a gorgeous nature preserve island just a short boat trip away. Of course there are photos!

I’m still learning my way around this new iPad. Editing photos has been .. Ahem .. Interesting.  The software I planned to use didn’t work out but now I have a process that works for me. Some of the things I take for granted on my computer aren’t here, but this iPad sure is light and easy to travel with. I’m sure as I get more familiar with it things will go a bit faster.

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  1. Gracias Amiga 🙂

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