Volar ~ To Fly ~ WP PHOTO CHALLENGE (On the Move)

Wet Season is a time of transition in the campo.  We have various bug hatchings, toads and frogs beginning hopping out of nowhere and the birds are trying to find Wet Season homes in which to nest.

This week’s photo challenge asks participants to show “on the move”.  I’ve chosen to focus on some of our birds moving around in the campo.

*Thanks go to SU who is practicing his photography skills and took several of these. 

We’ve been watching what we’ve identified as a Savannah Hawk for several days.  SU went out in the campo underneath the tree it likes to perch on and captured these images as it got ready to fly away.



We often see Brown Pelicans at the beach.  This day they were on the rocks and then suddenly all took flight.


This day two flocks intersected.  To the left of the photo some from the second flock are turning around to join the first flock.


Panama Flycatchers, this one is alighting on the Almendra Tree…


and this one is flying from the Almendra to the Foxtail Palm.


A Blue Tanager landing on the Almendra Tree.


A Palm Tanager landing on what else, a palm, during bath time!


Mango season brings back large flocks of these Brown-throated Parakeets that fly across the back campo looking for more trees to raid.

5 4

And finally, one half of our mated pair of White-tailed Kites looking for its supper in the campo.


 Click on the links to see other interpretations of “On the Move”:

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14 Responses to Volar ~ To Fly ~ WP PHOTO CHALLENGE (On the Move)

  1. Great photos!! I see a new job for SU as photographer and support staff for the blog.

    • indacampo says:

      He’s gotten pretty tenacious sitting there with the camera most afternoons! I’ve told him he’s creating lots of work for me to sort through all those photos.

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  3. frizztext says:

    yes, birds are majestic masters of moving with elegance…

  4. I love the one alighting on the Almendra Tree. Nice photo. Your photos show a great diversity when it comes to birds.

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  8. Excellent photos. I especially like those of the hawk because I like hawks very much.


  9. Stephanie says:

    Spectacular! The blue tanager is my favorite but they’re all terrific shots. Thank you!

    • indacampo says:

      Gracias! I just came in from watching a pair of blue tanagers having a little birdie bath. 🙂

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