Isla Iguana 07/05/2014

Isla Iguana 07/05/2014

On Sunday I met a young lady who asked me a common question; “What do you do all day.?” With mis amigas Kris and Holly visiting this is what Girls Day looks like in the campo. Life sure sucks…not.


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4 Responses to Isla Iguana 07/05/2014

  1. It’s a tough life, but…someone’s gotta live it! Hah!

  2. Uh huh, sucks. It’s a rough life here in your town. We are on our way over to see what suffering we can come up with for the evening 😀
    ~~happy dance~~

  3. Reblogged this on Let The Adventure Begin! and commented:
    This is Karens post from our day on the beach..short , and to the point….Life soooooo doesn’t suck!

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