Dia Veintiuno ~ I’m Building Something Out of Nothing

Today is Day 21 of the blogging challenge I’m participating in and we are to publish a follow-up post inspired by what we wrote on Day Nineteen.  On Day Nineteen I took the easy way out and experimented with a different format of post called an “aside”.  Apparently one uses the “aside” format when one wishes to post something short…and now I’m asked to expand on it.  Let’s see…that gave me 85 words to here.

My post on Day Nineteen was thanking Guy and Sherry for a lovely day.  Guy and Sherry are travelling around Panama as I write this, on what we who have also travelled thusly call the “Discovery Tour”.  They’ve read my blog (I use the collective “they” without knowing if it’s one or both) and contacted me to ask if SU and I could set aside a few hours while they were in the area to talk about our experiences.  The meeting included an offer of lunch.  I’m such a sucker…feed me and I’m there.  And luckily we got to name the place which was the aforementioned La Huerta our neighbour’s new restaurante.

One of the things Guy and Sherry told us is that they had taken a short drive around and had found a somewhat rocky beach with a very small parking area and they weren’t very impressed.  We realized that they had discovered Playa El Toro at low tide and really it isn’t at its prettiest at that time and it is kind of difficult to get in and out of.  It is an awesome area this time of year for octopus and rock lobster as SU and I observed when walking down there on Friday.  We had to hold ourselves back from becoming stalkers when we saw a local family with a big bucket of deliciousness.

Everybody but me chowed down on some of the deliciously prepared local seafood offered at La Huerta.  Yep, sitting in the campo, talking, enjoying good food and the country quiet; it’s a job.  After our delicious lunch and as we were meeting in the afternoon and the rain showers earlier in the day had abated, we offered a short tour of the local beaches just to prove how pretty our district is.  (The afternoon part of the previous sentence is important because if we were meeting at night it would have been kind of tricky driving around looking at the beaches; but they are also pretty at night especially during a full moon.)  We ventured to Playa Los Destilidaros, Playa Puerto Escondido and Playa Panamaes before finishing up at Playa Arenal watching the fisherman come in for the day.  And that is a lovely day well spent in the campo.

Playa El Toro on an early morning walk.  It really is lovely.

Playa El Toro on an early morning walk. It really is lovely.


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