Ted Talk Thursday ~ The Evolution of Morality

Friend Kris from The Panama Adventure sends me links to Ted Talks every once in a while that she thinks I might be interested in.  Last week she sent me the link to the video today by Frans de Waal titled Moral Behavior in Animals.

Now, I thought that this was a great coincidence because I’m reading a book written by Daniel K. Riskin titled Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You.  Dan is from Edmonton and the co-host of Daily Planet on Discovery Canada and an evolutionary biologist. In the book he documents the experiments outlined in today’s Ted Talk among other gross but yet interesting things about animals and plants.

I think both this video and the book I’m reading show that humans aren’t that different from animals. It was disturbing for me to see the animals in the cages but between this video and the book I’ve learned a lot about where we all fit in the world.  And some of it isn’t pretty.

 Read what others are saying about Mother Nature:

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5 Responses to Ted Talk Thursday ~ The Evolution of Morality

  1. runcolbyrun says:

    Hey! Thanks for the ping! She and I are currently not seeing eye to eye. But. Here’s hoping for a change in our relationship! 🙂

  2. Interesting book. I watched the videos at your link. When you think how many genes we have in common, and how many generations we are removed from cave men and monkeys (not many), I think it tells a lot about who we are and what drives us. But, that we are self aware and able to change ourselves and our environment, that is something. We just watched an animal movie tonight – Blackfish – about the orcas in captivity entertaining the masses at Sea World and other such places. Unfortunately we often have little respect for nature and the other creatures that share our world.
    Are you ready for the Tuesday invasion? 😀

    • indacampo says:

      Blackfish is one of the movies mentioned by the author in the book I read. He talks about the Sea World whale. It’s killed three people.

      Si, we’re ready!

      • But they still keep him because he’s a valuable sperm donor. Half the whales in captivity are his offspring.
        Anyway, on to better things! Hasta pronto. Estamos emocionados 🙂

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