!Hace calor!

We’re once again at the time of year when the seasons are changing.  We’ve had a few rainstorms but then the sun comes out and it’s freakin’ hot and humid.

On Monday we went to Chitre and we weren’t surprised to see this as we were driving:

1 2

I’m sure today is just as hot, at least it felt like it as I was driving to Las Tablas and walking around downtown.  There are still power restrictions in place and businesses and government offices are required by law to turn their air conditioners off for part of the day until the dams become more full .  Walking into some of the stores is like walking into a sweat box.

I’m just glad I’m not an indoor worker because it’s bad enough being a customer in this freakin’ heat.  We’re still waiting for the big rain…in the campo.


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3 Responses to !Hace calor!

  1. Easter Ellen says:

    Oh heat…. How I would love to feel it right now. We’ve had a brutal winter and we are not having spring, even yet! It is very late for us and a chilly 7* right now in Toronto. Rain and wind keeping company with it also. 😦

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