An Even Dozen ~ Be Inspired By the Community, Odd Things

Day Twelve and the assignment today is to “write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday”.

I did manage to find four blogs to comment on out of the many that I read yesterday which I posted about and linked to here.

The post/blog I’ve chosen to expand on is a little diamond of a blog I’ve discovered titled Bald Man Tate.   After my first comment Bald Man and I had a short discussion about fashion, whereupon we agreed that only slippers or flip-flops should be worn on ones feet when the only other article of clothing one is wearing is boxer shorts.

The title of Bald Man’s post was “Well that was odd”.  In Panama I’ve seen no end of odd things.  For instance this morning SU and I took a bike ride down to the beach and going down the road I noticed this odd thing:


Have you ever seen a watermelon growing out of a concrete drainage ditch?  That was a new oddity for me. How it’s managed to grow that big and not get squished by a passing vehicle is another head scratcher.

One of my tasks as in Observer of Life (OOL) is to find these little oddities and document them.  If you’ve followed me then you’ve seen some of them also.  If you haven’t there is a little “search” button on right side of the page.  Type in “traffic jam”, “animals”, “workers” or any number of things you can think of.  You might end up reading further about some of the odd things in the campo.

Read more about odd things:



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5 Responses to An Even Dozen ~ Be Inspired By the Community, Odd Things

  1. zkmommy says:

    Thanks for the plug! It is always a nice surprise to find that in my notifications.

  2. nisamir says:

    Oh my… the watermelon sure grows in an odd place.. haha.. you’re lucky to have found it.. ^_^

  3. nisamir says:

    hi, I’ve nominate you for a Liebster Award.
    Best Regards,
    Nisamir, The Blog

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