WP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ En la parte superior.

This week’s photo challenge is  “on top“.  Participants are asked to demonstrate what being what “on top” means to us.

on top (phrase of top)
on the highest point or uppermost surface.
on the upper part of the head.
in a leading or the dominant position. 

I have several photos of  beautiful, colourful birds “on top” of trees that are just begging to be chosen as this week’s entry however; I’ve chosen the lowly Grackle and his piece of poo or as we call it here ‘caca de vaca’.

I’ve always found animal behaviour fascinating and as we watched this bird alight on his delicious find behind our back fence it was no different.  He was ever watchful of what was going on around him as he walked on top his prize, and he kept at least one of his feet on top of his treasure the entire time he was picking through it in the campo.

1 234765


More about “on top” that hopefully (for your sake) don’t involve poo:




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7 Responses to WP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ En la parte superior.

  1. One creature’s trash is another’s treasure, eh?
    Thanks for the pingback!

  2. Karen Ama Panama says:

    Maybe there are some yummy bugs in there!

  3. Our dogs LOVE to eat chicken poop – every time I see them I want to pull them away from it. But apparently, chicken poop provides them with certain nutrients and they seem to consider it a delicacy. Ewww….

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