Day 6 Assignment ~ It’s New to Me

One of the components of today’s blogging challenge is to use an element that is new to me. I’ve learned that I can embed tracks from Spotify or Rdio into my blog for my readers listening pleasure. (If you are a Spotify user click the play the button, the music will start playing in the Spotify Desktop Player or Web Player. If you are not logged into your Spotify account, you will be prompted to do so. If you do not have Spotify account you will be sent to the Spotify sign-up page, in a new window.  Sign up and explore if you haven’t already, there’s something for everybody.)

Often on long weekends the house across the street is rented out.  This weekend was no exception.  Around 11:30 pm on Viernes Santos (Good Friday) the new (short-term) neighbours rolled in.

There is a law on Viernes Santos that loud music liquor sales are not permitted from 12:00 am to 12:00 am the following morning. This didn’t seem to bother our new neighbours who partied on…all night.  I was already in bed when they arrived and didn’t realize where the noise was coming from.  When I opened the front window the next morning and got hit with a wall of sound emanating from the car parked on the lawn across the road.   

We don’t know what happened but about an hour after we got up everything got quiet.  Maybe one of the other neighbours told them to cut it out?  Who knows?

|Thanks to Spotify I was able to find a familiar Reggaetown song that I’m sure was among the play list booming from the campo.  I dare you to sit still as you get into the groove…



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