Day Four Assignment …. Follow

I’ve been off the net for a day so I’m a day behind in my blogging project.  Yesterday’s task was to follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.  One of the suggestions was to look in the The Blogroll on The Commons.  I was a little disappointed when several blogs that I clicked on were on the list but it didn’t seem that they were really participating in the challenges.  So I went on the hunt on my own.

Here are the five blogs I’ve decided to follow and what they are about.  Some of the “Abouts” are pretty long so I’ve kept that part that gives the idea of what the blog is about. I’ve linked the blogs to their names so if you’d like to find something new to read go ahead and click and explore with me in the campo.

Gone Catawampus

Gone Catawampus tells the tales that must be told. The good, the bad, the completely insane. Our woes become your enjoyment. Who is “our,” you ask? Funny you should mention it. …

Because I think Dos Gatos would enjoy reading the posts from this blog with me.  And after all Dos Gatos happiness is of the utmost importance in la casa.

Reluctantly Suburban

After 15 years in the heart of the city, I’ve moved back to my hometown to navigate the sprawling suburban abyss with my Texan transplant husband, cutie-pants toddler son, and impossibly fluffy dog.

What the hell were we thinking?

I liked the “About” portion, it’s cute and pithy.  A book I’m reading says that Mommy Blogs are among the most popular blogs because it’s nice to know that you’re not alone in this mommy gig.   Technology is a wonderful thing…

This Is My Corn 

Welcome! It’s a warm day, so come on in. There are ears ripe for picking, so take a treat home with you. But this is my corn, and you people are guests in my corn, so I expect everyone will act accordingly. The stalks can break, and that’s no good for anyone.

I like warm days and I like corn.  I there anymore to say?  

Catherine Caffeinated

In 2006, Catherine moved to Orlando, Florida and went to work at a hotel in Walt Disney World. In 2008, she came back to Ireland and started writing a book about the time she moved to Orlando, Florida and went to work in a hotel in Walt Disney World. This became Mousetrapped: A Year and A Bit in Orlando, Florida, which she self-published in March 2010. Then she wrote a book about what she did after she worked in a hotel in Walt Disney World — she spent three months backpacking through Central America — and she self-published that too, calling it Backpacked: A Reluctant Trip Across Central America. Then she wrote a book about what she did after she spent three months backpacking through Central America — she started self-publishing books — and then (can you see where this going?) she self-published that too. That one was called Self-Printed. …

She currently divides her time between the desk and the sofa, drinks a LOT of coffee and wants to be a NASA astronaut when she grows up.

I’ve never really read blogs about writing so this will be a new one for me.

Bucky (the blog)

Name: You can call me Leslie.

Age: Older than I act (most of the time).

Occupation: Fashion Designer (, Serial Blogger (this one and elle’s adventures), and Creative Tornado (for better or for worse).

Things I hate (let’s be honest, this is far more interesting than a laundry list of things you love): Babies, dinosaurs, space.

Hobbies: Jogging, sewing, drawing, reading, creating awkward moments.

Heroes: William Morris, Eminem, Stella McCartney, Buckminster Fuller

What’s the Point of This Blog Anyway?: Bucky is the little sister to my older, more sophisticated and mature brand: Buchanan. While being classy is fun and what not, sometimes it needs to loosen up…and that’s where Bucky comes in. Always fun, always fresh, and usually not politically correct, Bucky is just here for the party. This blog is my creative outlet for all things not ‘work related’…you know…like pictures of homemade scones and all the latest trashion.

Anything else?: I have an unhealthy obsession with my cat Jacques. And my husband is the bee’s knees.

Another first for me I don’t have a design blog on my reader.  This is all over the place with DIY, fashion and food all with a sense of humour.  I like people who don’t take what they do too seriously.  Seriously.





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