Ted Talk Thursday ~ It’s Totally Random

While perusing the Ted Talk library I came upon today’s video.  The reason it caught my attention was because it had the word ‘encyclopedia’ in the title.

When one walks into our town library one of the noticeable items behind the librarian’s desk is a set of encyclopedias.  When I was growing up we had two set of encyclopedias, a big red set that had gold-edged pages and gold writing and a little blue children’s set that I think my mom bought a piece at a time at the supermarket.  For all I know that’s how we also got the big version.  The smaller books were colorfully illustrated and substituted for books when there was a lack of reading material in the house.  For many years both sets had a place in our home and was the ‘go to’ resource at homework time.  I found it interesting that the library still had what looks like a very time-worn set of encyclopedias and wondered how current they were.

Today’s talk is by John G. Rives an American performance poet, storyteller, and author. He has five Ted Talks on the site about the power of storytelling and how multimedia technology is changing the way we communicate.  Watch the video and it may remind you of your childhood flipping through the encyclopedias on a boring day.  Or it may inspire you to play the encyclopedia game, electronic version.  Just listen carefully to the rules before you start!

Here’s more about encyclopedias!

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3 Responses to Ted Talk Thursday ~ It’s Totally Random

  1. This is excellent. I always wanted an encyclopedia as a kid. All that stuff that was in those books! I hadn’t heard about the encyclopedia game before. what fun!

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