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It’s been a while since we’ve managed to take over the computer from the Woman Servant, while she wasn’t watching we snuck over to the keyboard.

Boomer is the best at using this computer thingy since most days I lie on the tray in front of the Woman Servant while she types.  In case you don’t remember this is me;


And this is my brother Bandit:


We would like to tell everyone what great helpers we are around the house.  I know that the Woman Servant says that we only think we are helping when really we just get in the way but we really do help.   For instance on Saturday the Man Servant bought some langostino’s for supper from the Langostino Dude that wanders up the street occasionally.  We know how the Woman Servant always needs help getting them ready to eat so we pitched right in:




We asked the Man Servant to take pictures to prove how helpful we are.  You can see that I was more “hands on” while Bandit preferred to cheer from the top of the stove.  Still, for some reason the Woman Servant didn’t appreciate an extra paw in the mix and she liked having her picture taken even less while she was smelling like prawns and “looking like she’d been pulled through a knot hole backwards”.

At the end of our hard work there was a nice bowl of langostino’s, but we were only given one whole one to share a couple of heads to crunch on.  Even so, it was a good job done by us, Dos Gatos in the campo.


 You think we’re cute…read on!



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11 Responses to Langostinos ~ The Dos Gatos Blog

  1. Hello from the Woman servant of Lily & Lacy. your cats seem to be much more helpful than mine
    who are fond of napping. it’s a cute post…love your cats!

  2. shellmcc1106 says:

    Love this post. So cute that he got his paw right in there.

    • indacampo says:

      That’s his hitting paw. It also gets a good work out whilst trying to get us out of bed in the morning.

  3. Well, This is your Cat Friend in Boquete, I’m very envious of you two! My Woman Servent is not nearly as generous as yours….I may need to attempt to escape this place, I could be a big help at your house as I am very good with this computer although, I must tell you that this thing they call a “Mouse” PPPPFFFFTTTT! They know not what they say!! It’s good to know that life is good in De Campo for you two! MEOW!

  4. ohchocobo says:

    Thank you for the link! 🙂 Boomer and Bandit are so adorable! Really sweet that they’re lending a helping paw!

  5. Good job with the camera and catching the woman servant. She looks darn good for just being pulled through a knot hole. I’ll mention that you could use some more langostinos for all your hard work.

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