Friday Fanfaronade

fan·fa·ron·ade   [fan-fer-uh-neyd]  
bragging; bravado; bluster.
1645–55;  < French fanfaronnade  < Spanish fanfarronada.

It occurred to me as I was standing in the garden yesterday evening with the Humming Birds dive bombing around me that I hadn’t posted any recent photos of our little whirring critters lately.

Dry Season brings the hibiscus into full bloom and they flock around it arguing and blustering among themselves over which of them has ownership of the territory.  As we’ve been gardening in the last few years we’ve propagated and planted more and more Hibiscus as well as Porter Weed which the little Hummers really love.  At first light of morning and in the fading light of day when it is cooler they are very active.  And last evening was no exception as the sun left a beautiful orange glow of sunset in the campo.

¡Que tenga un buen fin de semana!

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4 Responses to Friday Fanfaronade

  1. sunnymikkel says:

    Great photos!

  2. Amy says:

    Beautiful captures of the Humming Birds! The sunrise was gorgeous!

    • indacampo says:

      This one was a sunset for a change… Hard to capture because the houses and the electrical lines often get in the way. The sun has to be in the right position in the sky and it is this time of year. 🙂

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