Ted Talk Thursday ~ It’s More than About the Bread

When I was taking my bread dough out the other day to make another loaf I thought about how amazing it is that a simple mix of flour, water, yeast and a little salt can produce such an amazing food and mean so much to people.

I started to think about the different ways and contexts that the word “bread” is used. Bread is symbolic in many religions and as a provision for mankind’s needs not only physical but spiritual. Bread has been a diet staple for thousands of years and meals would start with “breaking bread”, it came to mean sitting with somebody calmly to share a meal. In modern times “the best thing since sliced bread” has been used since the first half of the 20th century. It’s come to mean something that is ground-breaking or superior. “Bread and butter” usually means you’re discussing where or how someone mainly earns their money. More recently music has brought us the slang “get your bread up” meaning to increase the amount of money you have. I’m sure there is many more expressions or meanings for “bread” out there but let’s get to the video.

Today’s video is from Peter Reinhart an internationally celebrated expert on bread and baking. He is the author of many books and has spoken widely on bread as a representation in the search for meaningfulness. This one is a bit lengthy but once you watch it you may never look at bread the same way again.

More Reading About Bread (or maybe something else):


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2 Responses to Ted Talk Thursday ~ It’s More than About the Bread

  1. pklainer says:

    Karen, I love playing with words so love this word-play on “bread”. Nice post! Pam

    • indacampo says:

      Gracias! I hate to underestimate people but I wondered if the message would be conveyed. 🙂

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