Ted Talk Thursday ~ TEDx ~ What Society Expects

TEDx are events that are privately organised and are part of the not-for-profit organisation TED. TEDx conferences are held all across the world under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”.

Today’s talk is from Tracey Spicer filmed at a TedX event held by SouthBank Women in Brisbane, Australia in January.  Tracey Spicer is an Australian journalist and media personality who works for SKY News.  She is also a regular columnist with the Daily Telegraph newspaper and a regular contributor to various other publications.

In a talk titled “The Lady Stripped Bare”, Tracey urges women to think about the amount of time they spend on their appearance instead going natural.  She also challenged the audience to stop following society’s beliefs about what a woman should look like, and to start making changes in their own lives and use their time for better things.  Whether you agree or disagree with the talk today you’re sure to find it entertaining.  And to see what my opinion is on wearing makeup you can take a look back here.

Thank you to mi amiga Kris for suggesting the video today!


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3 Responses to Ted Talk Thursday ~ TEDx ~ What Society Expects

  1. Thanks for sharing it : )

  2. Ahh you too. You are beautiful as you are and I didn’t give it a bit of thought until just now when I read your posts.
    I think my makeup use decreased considerably after kids until, in the early 90’s, my collection was so old and dried out from lack of use that I just threw it away. I think being good enough with the face nature gave us is part of being good enough in general, something we all need to work towards.

    • indacampo says:

      The funny thing is I have dressed up a few times in the last few weeks for special occasions. By the time I get the dress on and then the makeup I’m near melting unless I shut the windows and turn on the air conditioning or stand in front of the big floor fan. The compliments are nice but I’m sure glad I don’t have to do it every day. When the toughest choice about my appearance is what pair of shorts and tank top to put on I”m feeling blessed! 🙂

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