And This is Where…I Have a Bath

In la casa de Panama we have only ever had a shower.  Well, actually two as we have two full baths.  When the concrete in our master bathroom sink began to deteriorate SU determined that it was time to renovate.  Not only did he want to replace the sink, he wanted to build me a bathtub.

At first I was puzzled about how he was going to do this.  Here are some pictures from the second bath which is identical to how our bathroom looked only in reverse:

1 2 3The second bathroom sink is in better condition than what our master bath was but it doesn’t get as much use.

SU consulted with our amigos and formulated a plan to fill in the sink area, install a vessel sink, switch out the tap and build a bath tub.  With a bit of help from the “brain trust” for help with gaming in out here is the finished project:

1 4 5 3 2 6

SU replaced the old marbline concrete finish with an epoxy finish that is easier to clean and built a small wall to dam up the water to make the “tub”.  He also repainted the flat finish wall with satin which is also much easier to clean.

I’m enjoying my new “bathtub” immensely.  Even though I balked at the mess that the renovation caused and the amount of time it took I’m so happy SU insisted that I needed this little luxury.  As mi amiga says “every woman needs a bathtub to leave the days work behind and relax” and yes, just to contemplate life in the campo.


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2 Responses to And This is Where…I Have a Bath

  1. Very nice! It’s great to have a guy who can do so many things.

    • indacampo says:

      Yes it is. Getting ready to start on the other bathroom, I told him it doesn’t need to get done overnight. 🙂

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