Tuesday and All is Tranquilo

We’ve had a very tranquilo few days in the campo.  Once the noises died down on Wednesday the only thing to really interrupt the quiet of the countryside is the campaigning of the two main political parties.

Even though the election is two months away, on May 4th the final push appears to be on to draw the local townsfolk to vote for either the CD Party (Cambio Democratico), or the PRD (Partido Revolucionario Democrático).  So far it seems that the Panameñista Party/ El Pueblo Primero coalition remains somewhat absent.  Either way Panamanian politics is somewhat messy although I found this article that’s almost a year old but offers some good background information.

DSCF0335 DSCF0394 DSCF0396

On Saturday we went down to one of our favorite beaches with our amigos to hunt for oysters.  Oysters attach themselves to the rocks in the area and to get them off one must use a hammer and a chisel.  The best time to go “on the hunt” is at low tide.  This was our haul for the day:


I’ve heard other people in the area wonder what the locals are doing out on the rocks chipping away.  The beaches and ocean in this area offer up a bounty of fresh shell-fish, rock lobsters, crabs and fish if you know where to look and how to do it.  And there is nothing like having another tranquilo day working for your supper and enjoying fresh from the sea shell-fish.  Our amiga dressed up our lovely bounty of about 40 oysters with some garlic, lemon and butter and then they were grilled on the barbecue.  Delish!

SU has been collecting beer bottle caps in a metal Corona bucket since the installation of the beverage fridge and the first case of beer was bought.  The first clink of the bottle caps hitting the bottom was a ceremony held with Vecino.  When Dry Season started in December and the winds began while SU was away in Canada the full bucket of bottle caps kept blowing over.  Finally, I put the caps in a plastic bag for SU to count at a later time.  That time came yesterday.  He spent a couple of tranquilo hours counting and sorting the caps and reported the following:

Beer Name Number of Caps Total










When he realized that he had a few international beers he decided to do a breakdown of the German beers:

Beer Name Number of Caps


















Technically Stella Artois is Belgian but SU still considers it to be a beer brewed similar to the German beer he so enjoys in a cold frosty glass.  Either way all beer international or domestic is much cheaper than it is in Alberta.

Today we’ve had a nice drive around the district, a walk on the beach and we’ve been somewhat toasty.  We’ve agreed that this has been one of the warmest days we’ve had so far this Dry Season.  Now the shade has come to the back of the house and the breeze is blowing gently.  I think there is a nice glass of red wine calling my name in the campo.



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7 Responses to Tuesday and All is Tranquilo

  1. Karen Ama Panama says:

    What a fun post. So it looks like Panama beer is the winner? I see SU has one of the gato’s help too. Did the kitties think they were toys put there just for them? I’m from the Midwest and now I’m curious as to how to hunt for lobster. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I didn’t realize oysters would be out there, thought they were in colder water. How good for you though! And I remember Stella beer 😀 Good stuff.

    • indacampo says:

      I remember someone around here turning up their nose at what “the locals are scraping off the rocks”. Turns out they are scraping off deliciousness. I’m not sure if they are seasonal are not but the water is a tad cooler this time of year. They are difficult to see though, you have to look for the white of the shell peeking out from the green slimy covering. 🙂

  3. Frances says:

    Your SU is very cute. Just saying….

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