Doing Good Deeds

What a wonderful story from my friend Kris! There are many people doing great things in Panama and here’s another one. Please read and if you can help, do!

The Panama Adventure

I recently met someone who takes doing good deeds extremely seriously. I met Tom McCormack and learned a bit about all the amazing things he does in Panama.

McCormack Tom McCormack and Hydeé, discussing a wheelchair for her student.

It started with my good friend Haydeé who is a special ed teacher. She has a student, a young boy who is unable to walk and is carried everywhere by his mother. She asked me if I had any idea of how she could get this boy a wheelchair so he would be less dependent on his mother, and would then be able to attend school for more than a short time every day.

I remember hearing about someone from a video by my friend Ryan, and reading about someone on Chiriqui Chatter, and a bit of research led me to Tom McCormack’s WEBSITE. Within hours I had a…

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  1. Thank you so much for the reblog! He is energizing and inspirational.

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