We Both Have Insomnia…And His Name is Boomer

Lately our kitty alarm clock has begun to go off earlier and earlier.  This morning it started at 0430.  I kept hitting the snooze button but when the door banging started I had to resort to a couple of squirts from the bedside water bottle.  You see, we have insomnia in the campo and his name is Boomer.


Yes, he looks all sweet and innocent lounging about in my chair and according to my mother, fatter than usual, but he really is a noisy, pain in the butt alarm clock.


It’s summer here, meaning that the sun is going down about 45 minutes later than usual and rising about 45 minutes later in the morning.  This means that we can snooze an extra 45 minutes before the sun is beating through the door of our bedroom.  But no, Boomer has determined that there are things to be done and everyone must get up when he wants them up.


Occasionally he will try to draw his brother into his escapades, but at 0430 in the morning Bandit is still sprawled on the bed in the spare bedroom or on the chair in the living room contentedly sleeping.  He does wake occasionally to check out any strange noises outside and to make sure that all is secure in the house. He knows when bed time is and he will often remind me when I am up later that usual.


Apparently the need for cats to wake up their human servants  in the middle of the night is not unusual especially for cats that are cooped up all day.  But ours have plenty of room to roam outside in their lovely Gatanamo Bay if they so wish.


Another reason that cats like to wake their servants in the middle of the night is that they are usually fed immediately in the morning.  True, Bandit likes to eat as soon as he gets up but Boomer prefers to do most of his eating at night time and from SU’s lunch in the middle of the day.  That’s probably why he’s looking so svelte these days.


No, I think the reason Boomer likes to wake us is just that he wants to party.  The first part of his party consists of having his belly rubbed, making me think that he gets somewhat confused with the canine/feline thing.   The second part is to tenderize SU by draping himself across SU’s slumbering form and using the tip of his claws every so gently to whack him across the face.  The third part of his party is trying to get us to let him out to  to see what the other early morning critters are up to.  Hence the banging on the doors in our bedroom that lead to the patio.  I have to confess that sometimes we just give in to the door banging, rising blurry eyed to start the coffee perking earlier than it’s scheduled 0600 start time.


I suggested to SU this morning that perhaps we should start locking our little early riser in the spare bedroom bathroom to try to break his habit.  He said he’d probably howl all night whereupon I suggested ear plugs.  I believe that the campo critters could use a little bit of night-time culture and I’d be interested to hear Boomer do a few songs.  Maybe Cat Opera will help to cure him of his nocturnal habit in the campo.

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. ~ Terry Pratchett ~

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2 Responses to We Both Have Insomnia…And His Name is Boomer

  1. sunnymikkel says:

    Our newest entry in Casa de MCMoller is Mia the kitten, who I think is taking lessons from Boomer. She crawls up the side of the bed and pounces on one of us at all hours of the night. Connie has finally resorted to putting Mia in the bathroom, where her litter box is, with water and a couple of toys and closing the door, she has not learned how to howl yet, so please tell Boomer to NOT teach her how to do that. Then we sleep until we decide to get up. I think your idea of closing Boomer in and ear plugs could be a solution.

    • indacampo says:

      Better to start them off young just like children however; I have seen that little sweetie and I think she’s already got you wrapped around her little black and white paw. 🙂

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