Sometimes I Wish We Had A Perro…And Then I Borrow One

SU and I are animal lovers.  We decided when we moved to Panama that we would only have two cats and no dogs, birds, or fish.  And that’s how we ended up with Dos Gatos, although some days we get a little worried about Boomer’s drinking problem…


And we often tell ourselves that we are fortunate to have such good little hunters especially this year when it seems that there is an abundance of mice everywhere and yet none have made it into our house:

Bandit has a small mouse by the tail.

Bandit has a small mouse by the tail.

They also like to terrorize the few frogs that are left around the campo by trying to reach through the fence at them:

Dos Gatos

But truly nothing gets by them while they are on guard:


Even so, when we moved here the Vecino’s had the handsome Max for SU to rough house with.  And then they moved and we were perroless once again.  We also have many friends that have dogs that are lovely critters and are mostly well-behaved and willing to share a sloppy doggie kiss or two.  And happily another amiga is reunited with her doggie lovely who is getting used to the Panamanian climate.

I’m also lucky to be invited occasionally to get a dose of pooch walking on the beach such as with the handsome Wolfster …


On Sunday I finally put my foot down and told SU that he was not going to work all day and that we were going to the beach together.  Except for a few Panameño families we had the large beach mostly to ourselves.  As we were getting ready to leave we saw two groups of friends that had just arrived and so decided to stay a little longer.  Wolfie’s owners left him at home but happily our other amigos brought their little lovelies and a ball.  And I was happy to frolic once again with the talented soccer playing Titus my ‘borrowed’ perro.

Life truly doesn’t suck in the campo when you can spend time at the beach with a borrowed perro on a sunny Sunday in January.

Play 1



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6 Responses to Sometimes I Wish We Had A Perro…And Then I Borrow One

  1. allison says:

    Wonderful pictures of the beach (and with you in them!). I am re-learning a little Spanish each night and now into the “animals” section lol. Although from my past Spanish lessons and through your posts, I have already been well versed in dos gatos and perros. Now let me see, the word for cow is….but of course, vaca. haha

    • indacampo says:

      Ooohh, yes! Dry Season and we’re hoping that the vaca’s aren’t released to the back campo to eat everything coming through our fence. 🙂

  2. sunnymikkel says:

    You are welcome to borrow Bella anytime you feel the urge to take a walk, Bella is always up for a walk. BTW – If you have not heard we will be getting our own Gato when we get back from Panama, she is to be named Mia. We thought it appropriate to have a Perra – Bella and un Gato – Mia. Hopefully Bella & Mia will become Amigas. Bella has already been trying to become an Amiga with Pricilla and her 3 Gatitos, they are not sure they want to be Amigas with Bella.

  3. Ahh yes, you too enjoy the borrowed dogs. Maybe it’s like being a grandparent, much fun, little responsibility 😀

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