And Now…Down the Highway to Buenaventura

Those of you that have read for a while (hello Mom!) might recall that last year about this time SU and I were invited to Buenaventura to meet fellow blogger and now friend Pam Klainer from Pam Klainer’s Day.

Pam is back for a couple of weeks to vacation and visit the Pam Fam and SU were once again invited to go and visit overnight or just for the day if we so chose.  SU has a couple of projects on the go but he consented to go for a day trip so we left our humble abode early yesterday morning to travel on down the highway.  Well, actually two highways, the one up the peninsula, which is lovely and smooth and new, and the PanAmerican which could use a little work.

During our trip down the two highways I noted the following:

  • Two dead cats;
  • Two large dead dogs;
  • One dead vulture;
  • Eight motorcycle policia under trees looking for speeders;
  • How lovely and green the “wet rice” is looking;
  • Workers cutting sugar cane and in the distance, sugar cane fields being burned;
  • Two men peeing; and
  • Three swerves to miss dogs crossing the roads.

I noted that three live dogs were much luckier than their before mentioned now deceased cat and dog friends.  I also thought that I probably missed many more men peeing that I actually cared to see.  I also supposed that it is always an adventure to look out the truck window when one is travelling down the highways of Panama, and some of it isn’t pleasant.

After making a short stop in Penenome at the Glidden store for some items for SU’s project and with our wallet a little lighter we continued on to arrive at Pam’s vacation rental shortly after 10:00 a.m.  We were greeted once again by the lovely Gloria and shortly afterwards by Pam and her friend Sally.  It was nice to catch up and even though we’d just met Sally it felt like I was talking to an old friend.  And of course, those of you that know SU will assume that he was peeking into every corner and crevice of the house while the rest of us were conversing.  And you’d be correct.

The resort has many beautiful, large homes.  And there is a great deal of construction going on to add to the amenities.  This year Pam rented a private home at the resort as the rates have increased exponentially for the resort villas.  The house is next door to the clubhouse and there is a beautiful view of the beach from the back patio, it is quite lovely, although it does have a few quirks to it, one of which you can view here.

Almost every day while Tia Pamela is in residence she travels the short distance to Rio Hato to bring a group of her Pam Family to Buenventura to enjoy the amenities as her guests and yesterday was “Teen Treat” Day.  When she began this practice six years ago there was some push-back from management.  Her family group looks very different from what we might call the “normal” Buenaventura clientele.    After Pam’s return with the teens and then some and a bit of excitement on the beach (more on that tomorrow) we were off to lunch at the restaurant.

The teens all ordered hamburgers which were quite large, the boys all tucked into theirs tidily but some of the girls had their leftovers packed up “para llevar” (to go). The kids were all polite and very well-behaved, and some were quieter than others. Tia Pamela made arrangements for the kids to ride “Big Mable” after lunch and they excitedly departed to enjoy the rest of their day.

1 2 3 4 5

We took advantage of the now quiet afternoon and climbed into the pool.

6 7

The day went quickly and all too soon it was time to do the trip in reverse order back to the campo.  Pam, you make a difference and touch many lives because you are so generous, caring and thoughtful.  Gracias for the wonderful day.

Tomorrow…fish anyone?


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