We’re Going There and Back Again

SU decided that last night was a day off from cooking and so we decided to go off to Smiley’s for dinner.  Come along with us as we walk to there and back again….


We cut through the development at the end of our street.  These are the houses being built, in what used to be the cow pasture.  They still have a wonderful view of the stagnant pond out their back porches.  It does look like they are cute houses, although they are pretty close together.


Grazing cattle on the other side of the fence.


The view down our road from the other side of the fence.

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I’ve mentioned in a few earlier posts that Pedasi is going through a potable water and sewage remediation.  This is one of the excavations in progress.  My neighbor was telling us the other day that there isn’t any water pressure on this street because the water has been left running out of the pipe for several days.  Houses without an auxiliary pump to force the water through are out of luck.  The water was running from this hole to the other side of the road at a slow trickle.


This is the road that takes us to Avenida Nacional/Calle Prinicipal/Main Street.  The road has been dug up several times and filled in again for the water project.


There was once one little house on this lot.  It was torn down and now a duplex takes its place.  The shell is up, the primer is on but the interior needs completion and windows and doors need to be put in.  It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.


(There was a big old Sun Dog on this house but I took the picture anyway.)  This house used to be a neutral shade of tan until Christmas when it was painted a bright green.  There used to be a young fellow that would sit on the front porch and play his guitar but I haven’t seen him in a while.  I’m still trying to decide whether I like the color change.


This the back-end of what we all call Disco Chino.  The taxi service is here and it is the main bus stop.  The cars parked facing the street are part of the new Thrifty Car Rental fleet.  They now have a section outside of the store where parking stalls are painted yellow and green for the rental cars.


We’re now around the corner and almost at our destination.  It’s football Sunday so there isn’t very much parking, one of the reasons that we walked.


Facing the opposite direction down the main street.  Disco Chino is to the left.  It’s really called Super Centro el Pueblo, the Vecino’s nicknamed it Disco Chino because they had huge speakers out front when they opened from 10:00 a.m. until almost midnight.  The name stuck.  The store is about twice the size as when it first opened and it now sells everything from bread, vegetables, and meat to skirts, wheelbarrow tires and books.


This is the way out of town, should anyone wish to leave.  This road goes to Las Tablas, hooks over to Chitre and from there connects with the Pan American Highway.  Yes, the white truck on the road is in the wrong lane.


We’re on our way home again, down the road with the green house, the new duplex and the big hole full of water.


A night-time view down our road.


It was a lovely walk home under a bright, starry sky in the campo.  We enjoyed good conversation and dinner with friends.   Dos Gatos are glad to see us home and they are waiting for their supper.

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2 Responses to We’re Going There and Back Again

  1. I forgot all about Smiley’s when I was there. We were having too good a time with you 😀 We’ll have to catch it next time.

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