Building a Fuente de Agua

While SU was in Canada he did a little wandering around the big box hardware stores.  He ended up packing a few items into his suitcase to bring home and one of those items was a fountain pump.  So this weekend we began building a flower-pot water feature for the back garden.

The first step was to find four to five flower pots of various sizes to make the fountain. We found four fiberglass pots at DoIt Centre.  SU then sealed the bottom pot that acts as the water reservoir with a water impermeable sealant just to make double sure that no water would leak out.   He then poured a level concrete base for the bottom pot to sit in.

The next step was to drill holes in each pot, one in the side of  the bottom pot for the electrical cord and one in the bottom of the pots that are stacked on top for the water tubing.  He also purchased some electrical conduit and buried it into the ground so we could run a cord from the fountain to the electrical plug-in where our bombas de agua is.

We collected various sized rocks to place in the pots and we were ready to begin assembling the fountain.








Now when all is quiet in the early morning or the dusky evening of the campo we can sit on the porch and  watch our lovely new fuente de agua.

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2 Responses to Building a Fuente de Agua

  1. shellmcc1106 says:

    Great project. I have a small water fountain in my living room and love to have it on. So relaxing.

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