Beach Therapy

The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.

~ Henry Beston ~

Dry Season has arrived there hasn’t been any significant precipitation since December 19th.  It was obvious the morning of the 20th that the taps were turned off, just like that the winds started to blow from the North and Wet Season was over.  We most likely won’t hear the sound of rain pounding on the earth again until June.

For the next month or so, while many Canadians feel the cold of winter, we will be experiencing a drying of the air, blooming of flowers and rough tides.  The wind will bend rustle in the trees and palm fronds will slap in the breeze.  After that the wind will settle somewhat, the grasses will turn brown and the ocean water will start to feel colder.


We took a trip to the beach yesterday morning.  We both noticed how much the sand moved around by the rains of Wet Season.  In some spots we saw more exposed rocks than normal and in others there was a larger beach area.

Even though it was low tide the ocean waves were very high.  I spent some time watching the Brown Pelicans fly through the sky splash down as they dove for fish.  Some were able to find wind currents that enabled them to hover like a kite, looking down into the ocean.  A couple of the pelicans had their own personal Tern escorts who dove with the pelican when it appeared that an easy lunch was on its way.

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There was also a flock of sandpipers on the beach feasting on whatever the tide was bringing in but running from the water so as not to get their feet wet.  These birds don’t usually like me getting too close to them but yesterday they didn’t seem as skittish; perhaps it was safety in numbers.

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A morning enjoying the light play on the water the sounds of the waves and the birds is a morning well spent in the campo.

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2 Responses to Beach Therapy

  1. Wow, you are having some waves but it sure is beautiful!

    • indacampo says:

      Si, I’m sure the scheduled the shifting of the moon and sun along with the wind has something to do with it!

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