Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Window

This week’s WP photo challenge asks participants to ” share a photo with a window”.

I’ve reached into my archives and found several window pictures; some that I may have shared already but that are among my favorites.  I have broken them into three sections.

The first section is composed of Dos Gatos and their shelf by the front window.  When SU built the shelf for them so they could sit and watch the goings on outside “their” window.  They were smaller boys back then, he’s now built them a shelf that goes right across the window frame, allowing for their two much less svelte forms to fit in one spot without having to lay on top of each other.

4 7 8

This section is of critters that may gather outside or on our windows.  The first photo is of a Blue Tanager outside our bedroom window enjoying a papaya that has fallen on the fence.  We often get frogs and geckos on the front door window at night attracted by the insects that hover around the light making for an easy bug feast.

1 5 6

These are scenes outside the back door window.  The light on the back porch while Bandit drinks from the water dish, early morning sunrise, and SU working on his latest project.

2 3 9

The windows in our home bring the breezes through, let the light in and let us see out to the beauty of the campo.

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8 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Window

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  2. Marilynn says:

    HI I sent an email a few weeks past asking for your email. I wanted to know if you could let me know which Canadian Authentication and Legalization Service you used in Ottawa to work with you to get your Panama papers handled. If you can remember their name I would appreciate it. Thank you Marilynn

    • indacampo says:

      I sent you an email directly the same day you sent your request. I’ll try again. And there is a link under the “outside the box” tab that will take you directly to their website. 🙂

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  4. a windowed view on action/inaction. I like it.

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