Friday Free for All ~ Random Thoughts from the Campo

Yes, working people, it’s Friday.  For those of us no longer receiving a salary for the work we do it’s amazing how quickly the week went.  I’m sure there are many of you whose first thought this morning was “TGIF!”  We have a lot to catch up on so here are some random thoughts from the past month:

Primero on my list is gratitude for not being anywhere near the Polar Vortex .  I do feel empathy for those of you who were/are suffering through -33°C while we have enjoyed +33°C…really;

Our neighbour had a bat problem on her back porch and then one day we found this:


Si, su pequeño amigo está muerto.  Now a male Grackle has taken up residence on the porch.  He’s much more entertaining than the bat ever was.  We figure he’s just hanging around until a female Grackle takes pity on him and invites him to leave his wonderful bachelor pad for a fine feathered nest big enough for a family;

One of the first things SU did when he came home was to take out our stand of bamboo.  He asked me to point out how difficult a task that was and to share that he broke his pick axe.  Collections for the burial of the pick should be sent to:  A word of advice, if one enjoys bamboo enough to plant bamboo, plant it far away from the house, preferably far outside the yard where the dead leaves will be someone else’s problem; like in Southeast Asia;


(Our Grackle bachelor hiding behind the no-longer-existing-bamboo.  To the left is our second bunch of bananas that are almost ready.)

Speaking of plants, now that Dry Season is here we’re moving some things around and taking plants that have seen better days out their of pots and putting new ones in.  We forgot that Dos Gatos consider every big pot their own personal outhouse, hence the reason we have rocks on top of all the soil that they have access to.  I foresee some rock picking in our future;

We have a tiny yellow frog that moves from the hanging ferns, to the clothesline and to the top of the beverage fridge.  These little frogs try to camouflage themselves and it isn’t the first time I’ve found one on a clothes pin, although this one was actually sleeping inside one;


I bought a comfy new chair while SU was away.  Dos Gatos like to use it every once in a while as Bandit demonstrates in this artsy shot:


And because I can’t leave Boomer out here he is lounging about patiently awaiting his next meal.  He comes by his svelte figure honestly:


¡Que tenga un buen fin de semana!  Have a good weekend!


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4 Responses to Friday Free for All ~ Random Thoughts from the Campo

  1. That little frog in the clothes pin is precious…must have been the perfect little safe spot for the critter (until some human comes along to hang up clothes :-). Yes, the cold was brutal and I am so glad it’s over for now. But winter is not finished with us yet. Enjoy the bamboo leaves and everything green and colorful…you could be staring at frozen tree trunks with no leaves instead.

    • indacampo says:

      With Dry Season beginning our green will be turning brown in the next few months. Many things are in bloom now, I saw the first yellow Guaycanes tree yesterday.

      I’ve been enjoying your photographs! Gracias!

  2. Love the frog! I also love bamboo but never planted any that was too big for my clippers, probably a good thing.
    I am also thankful to be away from the polar vortex!
    Good luck to the grackle, hope he finds a girlfriend. There are some around here too and they sure can make a racket.

    • indacampo says:

      I think our Grackle is hanging around because he’s eating those black bees/flies that seem to like the bananas and my red maracuya vine. And of course this time of year we’ve begun doing a little watering to he has his daily drink from the water around the plants. I don’t know if I’ll ever tire of watching the critters around here and their habits.

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