Ted Talk Thursday ~ Thank You

It’s been a crazy week, and even though the internet has worked better albeit not as good as it usually does, I haven’t had much time to even sit down at the computer.

Today I didn’t want to miss presenting Ted Talk Thursday.  I spoke with my mom last night and I forget sometimes how she makes me laugh with her observations about life.  She’s not only my mom, she’s a really good person who cares about her family.  I think sometimes we forget to look around and thank the lovely people in our lives.  So, thank you Mama.


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4 Responses to Ted Talk Thursday ~ Thank You

  1. sunnymikkel says:

    Take this talk to heart, thank people for what they do, but, make it heartfelt, they can tell the difference. I have found here in Panama that most do not thank people for doing their job and quite often I get a funny look when I thank the butcher or the young man that takes out the groceries, or the pharmacist that fills a prescription. Take the time to say Muchas Gracias to all those you receive a service from. I also try to use their name if they are wearing a name badge, people like to hear their name and especially when a stranger calls them by name. I have been doing this for many years before I came to Panama and I will always continue to do so. Brighten someone’s day, say “Thank You” to those you cross paths with today.

  2. Allison says:

    My family decided that we would enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner out yesterday (haven’t done this in years, and usually it’s only because I am out of town on vacation during the holiday when I have). We were so grateful for all of the hardworking employees (the restaurant is in a brand new resort/shopping tourist “attraction”). They were working hard to please us with delicious food so that we could relax welcoming this holiday season in. Thanks you’s, hugs, and including them in on our dinner conversation (family stories) were the best way we knew to appreciate them. It was a great and giving day!

  3. Thank you for providing this!

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