Sometimes It’s Just…Not as Difficult as it is For Others

Those of you who are regular readers and wait with bated breath everyday to see what words of wisdom will spill forth on this blog may have noticed that I haven’t posted much lately. Those of you that don’t care a rat’s fart are probably thinking thank goodness your email box isn’t getting cluttered up with nonsense. I’m in a little facetious mood, there’s nothing like a little self-deprecating humour in the morning.  (Especially when WordPress continually tries to correct my Canadian spelling by US Americanizing them all.)

The reason why I haven’t finished my tale about our travels around Chitre is that we’ve had troubles of a different kind.  Yes, internet troubles.  At first I was upset, but now I’ve come to accept that at any given time I will not find that “connection”.  Yes that connection that takes me to the outside world and brings me to you.  It seems that someone, somewhere has decided that “powering down” our system or not sending out enough bandwidth let everyone have internet access that needs/wants internet access is o.k.

But then the last few days I have gotten over it.  Yes, I may not be able to read every blog post.  Yes, I may not be able to answer emails promptly.  Yes, we may not be able to SKYPE clearly.  But it’s o.k., because you know other things are happening in the world that are more difficult than our lousy internet connection.  This morning before we once again lose contact with the world beyond the campo, I’m thinking about the people in the Philippines that are suffering through the devastation of the worst typhoon in known world history.  And I’ll be saying a personal prayer from the campo that all who suffered losses of loved ones find peace.  That those who have no shelter become sheltered by the warmth of others.  That those who are thirsty and hungry are given sustenance.  And that all who are able open our hearts and remember how truly fortunate we are that our difficulties seem so minor in comparison.


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6 Responses to Sometimes It’s Just…Not as Difficult as it is For Others

  1. So true – an event like the horrific storm in the Philippines can really put things in perspective for the rest of us. I, too, was pondering how much time and energy I was wasting on insignificant matters given that we could have a similar storm here tomorrow. What would I really do that matters today if that was the case?

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, and it’s so easy to start a pity party if things aren’t going well. We had a huge rainstorm here today and I was so grateful to have a house to shelter in. 🙂 Maybe if we tried to live each day like it might be our last we’d show a little more kindness to each other.

  2. sunnymikkel says:

    Amen, we do take so much for granted and yet we have so much more than many, even here in Pedasi.

  3. c.c.cappon says:

    You don’t have to remind yourself. TV-news will do that for you…

    • indacampo says:

      Except for FOX News which is always concerned about the different ways they can bash Obama.

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