November 3 ~ Separation from Colombia

 After its independence from Spain on November 28, 1821, Panama became a part of the Republic of Gran Colombia which consisted of today’s Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Ecuador.  There was a continued struggle for independence and self-governance including the 1885 Crisis and The Thousand Days’ War. In 1903, the United States and Colombia signed the Hay–Herrán Treaty to complete construction of the Panama Canal but the process was not achieved because the Colombian congress rejected the measure (which Colombia had proposed) on August 12, 1903. The United States then moved to support the separatist movement in Panama to gain control over the remnants of the French attempt at building a canal.  In November 1903 separation of the Isthmus from Colombia occurred and later independence with the declaration of the Republic of Panama. * Source ~Wikipedia 

Of course this is the condensed version of the reason for the first day of four different Fiestas Patrias feted in November.  Today is Di de la Independencia celebrating the country’s separation from Colombia.  Last night at about one second after midnight the cervezas once again began flowing and the return fireworks and music signaled the month of fiestas.

My day today really began with a walk on the beach with mi amiga and her handsome poochie (being the manly dog that he is he would probably object to being called poochie).  The morning was sparkling and bright one of those perfect blue sky days.  Neither one of us had our cameras to capture the morning but we were very happy that we were there early enough to enjoy our walk in solitude.  When we got back to the vehicle there were already several people gathering to enjoy their holiday enjoying the sun and sand.

Of course, every good separation day deserves a desfile and this time I did take my camera.  As usual the best parts of the celebrations are the children of the campo.

* The internet was so unbearably slow yesterday I finally gave up trying to post this, so here it is today.

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2 Responses to November 3 ~ Separation from Colombia

  1. Great photos! How fun. We went to the parade here yesterday and had a really good time. I know they all put a whole lot into the preparation and practice, and it sure pays off. they all did great.

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