Bloggers Unite in Pedasi!

Kris’ post with an accompanying picture. Gracias amiga and safe journeys to you and Joel!

The Panama Adventure


Karen (on your right – or my left) was the first Panama blogger I found when I started blogging about a year ago. We have followed each other ever since, so what a great pleasure to meet in person! Connie (on your left – or on my right) is another blogger who I’ve met on line more recently, and now also in person. Behind Karen is Mikkel, Connie’s husband who has been an involved blog reader for quite some time, and behind Connie and is is Joel, my husband. Behind the camera is Karen’s SU (spousal unit) who is not seen but is definitely present is this group.

We’ve had such a great time! Sunday evening we all got together for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, and last night Karen had us all over for dinner and an evening of conversation and fun. We had such a good…

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2 Responses to Bloggers Unite in Pedasi!

  1. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your blog and life with us. It’s a joy to read and I also enjoy the great information about life in Panama.

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