Abuela and Norman II

It’s quite common to see young calves being cared for in the neighbor’s back yard around the burg.  There are a few people that either own or work on fincas but who live in town.  Sometime they will bring a young animal home to care for it rather than leave it out in the campo.

Mi amiga told me the story of one such animal that once was living down the street from her Pedasi home when her nietos (grandchildren) were visiting.  They took to calling the young calf Norman and would take edible treats to it.  When she saw a calf being led around the square prior to the start of the desfile she wanted a picture of herself with it.

Here is Norman II and Abuela, because although it may seem strange to see a calf in the back yard in Norte America, it’s a part of Panameño life in the campo.




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4 Responses to Abuela and Norman II

  1. Yep, we have one in our neighborhood, and his name is Valentino 😀

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