Desfile de Carreta ~ Dancing

Yesterday began the two-day celebration of XI Gran Desfile de Carretas la Cultura y el Folklore.  It began when fireworks exploded shortly after 2:00.  Then there was a parade of the queen around town with many vehicles honking horns and more fireworks exploding.

The evening festivities began when the 2012 La Reina de Gran Desfile de Carretas la Cultura y el Folklore took several turns around the square dancing and twirling with her compañero and her tuna of musicians and singers. Eventually she made her way to the cancha.  The cancha is the covered basketball court, bingo hall, community center in the burg.

The Carreta Festival is held to promote culture and folklore within the community.  Santeno culture is known  for food, music, dancing and clothing.  Today I’d like to share my favorite dancing pictures from last night at the fiesta in the campo.

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