Yard Sale!

On Saturday we held a patio sale in the town square to raise so money for the spay and neuter campaign and the turtle conservation group.  Even though it was very hot and humid  it was very successful with many people asking when we were holding the next one.   We had a great group of people volunteering and the money raised will help to publicize the efforts of both groups.  All in all a day well spent in the campo.


*  Thanks to mi amiga Margaret for taking most of these pictures.  I was too busy collecting money to think about it until the crowd dissipated closer to the end of the sale!  She even managed to get a picture of me!


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4 Responses to Yard Sale!

  1. c.c.cappon says:

    Hello, could you explain why this sapying and neutering is necessary? Are there many stray cats ans dogs?
    Thank you for answering. Carina

    • indacampo says:

      We don’t have a huge problem lately around here lately but it could be better and I know that in some places it’s really bad. There are feral cats that seem to wander around but they are pretty good at hiding. Panameños certainly don’t have the same attitude to their pets that people in Europe or North America have, but it is getting better. Through education, hopefully unwanted litters and diseases can be reduced.

      This is a very good blog post of several about the work that the community is doing in Bouquete:

  2. c.c.cappon says:

    I mean spaying, of course. c

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