Flights to Pedasi from Panama

AP Pedasi

Air Panama began scheduled flights in and out of Pedasi last Friday.  The flights originate from Allbrook into our new airport on the edge of town.  There’s no flight schedule posted on the website yet but the airline flies Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  Flight times are the same for all days, leave Panama 15:00 arrive Pedasi 15:50, depart Pedasi 16:00 arrive Panama 16:50.

Here’s a sample of pricing:

Air Panama

For comparison I checked out WestJet flights from Edmonton to Calgary.


If we were to drive from Edmonton to Calgary it would take 3.5 hours on a highway that is two lanes all the way.  If we were to drive from Pedasi to Panama it would take 4.5 hours on mostly two lanes all the way, depending on what areas narrow to one lane for construction, or weed whacking, or line painting, or line painting, or etc. etc.  I also did the comparison with the exchange rate the Air Panama rate would be $215.50 CAD, still a $153.31 difference.

By my evaluation the Air Panama flight cost is pretty reasonable and it will certainly cut down on the travel time for those who wish to use it.  The one problem is that one must get from Tocumen Airport to Allbrook, that’s another $30.00 to $35.00 for the cab ride.  But if you can work the international arrival in with the Air Panama flight you’re saving the cost of a night’s stay in the city so it’s a trade-off.

Added domestic flights to our area means there’s a need for them.  Hopefully there will be enough passengers keep the flights going.  I’ve also heard that the car rental agencies in Chitre can bring a rental to Pedasi if you wish.  So if you’re thinking about coming for a visit to the campo, keep the Air Panama option in mind.  And I guess SU and I are going to have to arrange our Happy Hour Sunset Watching on the Runway around the new flight schedule.


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12 Responses to Flights to Pedasi from Panama

  1. Carol says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date! Don’t know what I would do without your blog….

  2. danjan66 says:

    Reblogged this on panamaretireewannabes and commented:
    Thanks Karen for keeping us up to date on the opening of this airport!! After driving from Panama City to Pedasi in July I can attest it can be a somewhat long drive, especially when speed limit signs aren’t always posted and with the amount of radar on the road, we were really confused as to what the limite was in many areas. Thankfully we made it, though, without drawing any attention to the “radar” police 🙂

  3. Are those round trip fares? Even so, it’s more than a bus ticket plus a hotel room, especially now that we found a $60 hotel with free shuttle to the airport and breakfast. I will be interesting to see if they have enough business to keep the flights going.

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, round trip. It will probably be more convenient for those who want to use it. We haven’t taken any flights yet so it doesn’t really matter to us. Most couples here will drive and leave the vehicle at the $5.00 parking while they’re gone so they can do some shopping when they get back from their trip. And yes, the rest take the bus.

  4. I believe there is an air conditioned bus that travels from Panama City (Albrook Mall) to Pedasi for $12. Anyone familiar with this? I’m coming down between Christmas and New year.

  5. Angie Anderson says:

    Do you know if there are still flights from Albrook to Pedasi? I can’t seem to find any info online….

    • indacampo says:

      No, the flights were recently cancelled to Pedasi. Air Panama now flies into Chitre every day. Chitre is an hour away from us. I saw that some people were saying they were having issues accessing the information from the website but it appeared to be mostly on mobile devices.

  6. Thank you all so very much for updating this thread. It sure is appreciated. We are doing our DD towards purchasing and moving to the coast past Pedasi. Appreciate the flight info.

    • indacampo says:

      You’re welcome. I don’t think they had the volume they were counting on to sustain the route. You can fly into Chitre now and it does fly twice a day, even though there is an hour drive it cuts out some travel time. I believe that one way is about $76.00 or less.

  7. Carlos says:

    I’m coming to Pedasi for January & February and I’d like to meet any “Friends of Bill W” Anonymity may make this difficult, but if you do know someone can you pass on my email, please? I’ll put a note up at the grocery stores when I get there with my phone number as well.
    P.S. too bad they cancelled the flights. It was a great way to get to PC quickly for business or shopping!!

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