The Little Garden Iguana

I often look for poems or stories to use to teach English.  Amazon has some bilingual books for my Kindle that I’ve used and they work just fine.  I read the English words and the kids read the Spanish words to me.  We usually read the story and do corresponding activities over two or three classes and then the kids are ready to move on.

Lately, I haven’t had any kids to teach, a lot of them are getting reading for all the fiestas next month, practicing their marching and drum banging.  That doesn’t stop me from looking for relevant things to do with them to stick in a file for the future.  I found this poem on an old site from a Department of English in Hong Kong and I thought about some pictures that I took at the work site last week of a little green iguana.  This little fella had obviously just gone through a molt there was still a few pieces of skin hanging around its face.  He’s probably living around the garden eating hibiscus and fruit, and taking himself for walks to the beach around the campo.



I’m Walking With My Iguana
by Brian Moses

I’m walking
with my iguana

I’m walking
with my iguana

When the temperature rises
to above eighty-five,
my iguana is looking
like he’s coming alive.

So we make it to the beach,
my iguana and me,
then he sits on my shoulder
as we stroll by the sea. . .

and I’m walking
with my iguana

Well if anyone sees us
we’re a big surprise,
my iguana and me
on our daily exercise,

till somebody phones
the local police
says I’ve got an alligator
tied to a leash.

when I’m walking
with my iguana

I’m walking
with my iguana

It’s the spines on his back
that make him look grim,
 but he just loves to be tickled
under his chin.

And I know that my iguana
is ready for bed
when he puts on his pyjamas
and lays down his sleepy head.

And I’m walking
with my iguana

still walking
with my iguana

With my iguana
with my iguana
and my piranha
and my Chihuahua
and my chinchilla,
with my gorilla,
my caterpillar…
and I’m walking…
with my iguana…
with my iguana…
with my iguana…

 From: I WISH I COULD DINE WITH A PORCUPINE. By Brian Moses. Published by Hodder Children’s Books. Copyright 2004


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5 Responses to The Little Garden Iguana

  1. c.c.cappon says:

    Hi, What are the titles of the books?

    • indacampo says:

      The books that seem to be the most relevant for the kids are the Happy LANGUAGE KIDS bilingual series by Suzy Liebermann. These are for younger children and I think I got at least one for free. 🙂

  2. What a cute iguana 🙂 We have one here too. I couldn’t figure out who was eating the leaves on my chayote plants until I caught him in the act one day.

    • indacampo says:

      They really like hibiscus too. We’ve had a couple of big ones wander through but with so many predators they keep themselves hidden well.

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