Sorry, No Squab for Breakfast

In the early morning hours and at dusk the Gray-breasted Martins fly over the back field catching all manner of bugs as they dip and swoop.  Sometimes they will swoop through the yard and low over the roof of the house.

Early this morning as I was in the bedroom puttering, Dos Gatos were out back and SU was sitting out front because the sun was too hot out back.  I heard a crash against the fence and thinking that perhaps a bird had hit it I looked outside the door.  Not seeing anything I continued doing what I was doing until I heard Boomer at the kitchen door.  When I went to let him in he had a Martin in front of him, wanting to bring it inside.  The poor thing was obviously stunned and so I got Boomer to release it, only to have Bandit pick it up.  I chased Bandit out to the yard and got him to drop it.  The poor bird seemed just a little stunned as it peeped on the ground.  I managed to keep both curious kitties away from the bird as it lay on the grass breathing heavily trying to recover.

Knowing that SU was somewhere in the house I kept Dos Gatos about a foot away as we all watched the bird and waited for SU to come out to the kitchen.  I didn’t want to pick up the poor creature, worried that it would peck at me causing me to drop it and do more damage.  Once I got SU to come out, he grabbed the gloves a picked up the bird and took it out front so it could recuperate.

SU sat out front and eventually the bird did fly away.  I’ve nicknamed him “Lucky”.  Lucky because he was more than a couple of mouthfuls for Dos Gatos, Lucky because Boomer likes to bring me gifts that in this case I had to return, and Lucky because Dos Gatos were gentle enough with it that it lived to fly another day in the campo.

Dos Gatos checking out the first spot where the bird was dropped.

Dos Gatos checking out the first spot where the bird was dropped.

Bandit with a feather still on his whisker.

Bandit with a feather still on his whisker.

A Gray-breasted Martin in Sao Jose do Norte, R...

A Gray-breasted Martin in Sao Jose do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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2 Responses to Sorry, No Squab for Breakfast

  1. Indeed, a very lucky bird.

    • indacampo says:

      Poor thing, it sat for a while still stunned out front and then Eric said a dog came along and startled it to fly away. Lucky indeed. 🙂

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