Raiders in the Butterfly Peas

I’ve mentioned before that we have large flocks of Blue-black Grosbeaks in the neighborhood.  The grosbeaks we have around here are a medium-large sized seedeater and sing a lovely song when they perch on the fence.

Yesterday, as SU was sitting on the back porch having his morning coffee there was  a bit of rustling coming from the Butterfly Peas that we have climbing on the fence.  When he looked closer there were several birds in among the vines and he called me to come and take a look.

It was quite cute to see a small flock rustling through the vines and picking the ripe peas off.  There were smaller birds on the other side of the fence waiting for the adults to throw a pea or two down at them.  When Dos Gatos realized what was going on they wanted to see what was going on and spooked them away, although a few lingered behind wanting more.  I have a feeling they all left with full tummies as they continued their raiding around the campo.

IMG_6518 IMG_6520 IMG_6521 IMG_6522 IMG_6525 IMG_6526 IMG_6527


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