Time for a Mini Vacation!

A vacation is like love – anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia.  ~Author Unknown ~

I mentioned yesterday that we had a little mini vacation this weekend.  We had planned for weeks to go to the Royal Decameron Beach and Golf Resort in the Antón District of Coclé Province. We were happily invited by our amigos to celebrate el cumpleaños de amiga.  We were also fortunate enough to have a couple of friends volunteer to stop in and check on Dos Gatos while we were away.   Without their help I don’t know if SU would have gone.

The Decameron is one of the larger all-inclusive resorts that is just down the road from where the new airport is being built.  We left Friday afternoon, stopping briefly in Penenome for cigars for SU and arrived at the hotel just around check in time.  I was looking forward to relaxing by the pool or on the beach with a beverage, using the gym and drinking and eating everything in sight.  The latter were almost impossible to do but the group of us came pretty darn close.

The rooms at the Decameron aren’t the best I’ve ever stayed in but because our amiga is a member of the Decameron Club and had points to use up, the price was very good for the two nights and days that we were there.  The food was good at the large buffet restaurants, just o.k. at the snack bars.  For our friend’s birthday dinner on Saturday night we ate at the Japanese style restaurant where the food was prepared in front of us.  The starter was sushi which we all agreed was very good as were the rest of the courses, especially the fish at the end.  Having ordered a birthday cake for the meal we were concerned it wouldn’t be the best, after all Panameños aren’t known for their love of butter like us North Americans.  We kept our expectations low and were pleasantly surprised at how good the vanilla cake with a sea-foam icing was.  For the most part the deserts were pretty good and I actually had a couple of sugar doughnuts for the first time in a year and a half or more.  Yummy.

For the most part we did relax around the pool sipping on beverages but we did do a lot of walking and a few of us girls did go the gym on Saturday morning.   By Saturday afternoon SU was feeling a little restless and so it was suggested that he partake in some motorized water sports.  Our amigo said that he would go with him and they would get a couple of Sea Doos and goof around for a little while.  It turned out that all the Sea Doos except for one were out of service and so they signed up for parasailing.  Our amigo even got the price reduced for the excursion.

For those of you unfamiliar with what parasailing is you harness yourself to a parachute that uses the power of the wind to pull you up into the sky while a boat tows you in the opposite direction.  SU and his buddy loaded into a boat with a small crew and another couple for this adventure and mi amiga (The Birthday Girl) was tasked to take pictures from the shore of her spouse and mine.  I sent SU up with our little waterproof point and shoot to take pictures of the adventure.  Keep in mind going parasailing means being attached to a winch on a boat, being towed on a rope line attached to that winch, and in this case being dragged in the sky over the Bay of Panama.  The other couple went first so The Birthday Girl sat and had a snack with me while we were waiting for our spouses to have their turn.  Once they were up in the air we went down to the beach to watch.  It didn’t take long for us to realize that they were up there a very long time compared to the first couple.  And it didn’t take too long after that, after watching them hit the water and asking a couple of questions of the workers on the beach that there might be an issue.  Fortunately after a hair-raising time it all turned out well, as shown by the fact that I have video.

The weekend away from the campo was great, although Dos Gatos made us pay for it the first few days back.  Oh, and I think The Birthday Girl felt like she was aging another ten years as she watched her husband being towed around the point and disappear.  I don’t think we’ll be able to top it for next year!



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4 Responses to Time for a Mini Vacation!

  1. Glad you had a good time!
    There was a lot of parasailing where we were in Florida but I never did it. I don’t think I’m going to start now!

  2. What a fun video & great panoramas . glad that it ended well………..the guys seemed very calm. I would have been screaming!

    • indacampo says:

      That’s why they were glad that they were the ones stuck up there and not the couple that went first. They were happy for the long ride and escaped with minor boo boos. 🙂

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