Little Bits, Yes Again…

I thought I would reflect a bit on life today, once again here are some of the the random thoughts that run through my brain.

I’m a money launderer.  Yes, I have to confess.  Every time I do laundry I end up with at least .50¢ in change in my hand.  But at least it’s clean.

The snap of a fresh sandia delights me still; especially the five-pin bowling ball size ones.  I also find the colors so pretty.


Watermelon, the jagged edge is where it snapped open.

Speaking of food (one of my favorite topics); our Aussie amigos gave us some spinach plants.  When you think of spinach you think of flat leaf bunches growing low to the ground.  The variety we have is Malabar Spinach which climbs and re seeds itself.  It tastes a little milder than what is common in North America but the leaves are a little tougher.  The plant is also pretty with its purple stems.  We originally had it climbing on the fence and then we realized that a lot of the leaves were on the other side.  I don’t mind if it’s a flowering plant but I wants me spinach and so SU built a box using some scrap wood and wire around the planter for the vines to grow on.  Can I just say that untangling those vines took some patience?


So pretty, I harvested all the large leaves.  Now we’ll have to wait for the little ones to grow.

I am almost always amused when we are serving fish for supper.  Why?  Dos Gatos and particularly Boomer change from mild-mannered fur babies to roaring tigers.  Maybe they have some of the Fishing Cat gene in them?  They don’t mind being out in the rain in their Catio and they have almost the same color and markings.

I am however; not amused when I’m trying to prepare supper and I have fur baby butt up on the counter constantly and in my face.  That’s when the water bottle comes out.  For some reason the Fishing Cats don’t like being squirted.

I’ve let go of all expectations about how many children will show up for English class.  Lately, some days I’ve had ten and then the following class I will have one and then another will trickle in a half hour late.

Speaking of expectations I was introduced to a fellow from the US the other day who was here on his first visit.  In making chit-chat he wondered if Panama was what I expected.  My reply?  I kept my expectations low and was pleasantly surprised.  How’s that for the tip of the day?

And now I segue into new comers.  I have a new fellow blogger in town and I’d like to introduce you to her blog.  Connie blogs at Our Third Life – Pedasi, Panama.  She’s just getting her blogging legs under her and (dare I say) her Panama life in gear.  As she and her spouse get more settled she’ll be able to offer more insight into what it takes to live a new life in the campo.

I’ve mentioned our new neighbor was here for a while getting the house set up.  She extended a three-week trip into four before returning to Canada.  It’s now been five weeks and although the electricity is connected this is what it looks like where the water meter should be almost five weeks on:

Water Line

As you can clearly see there is no meter in place and no water.  And I thought we waited long!

This is our lovely concrete meter box.  Isn’t it purdy?  SU made a new top and fancied it up a bit for me.

Meter Box

Every time I go into the driveway I admire his artwork.  Who would have thunk it?

I’m off on a bit of an adventure this afternoon.   Hopefully it will be sun, sand, good companionship and lots of food.  Because even though I love the campo, sometimes a girl just needs to take a break.


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