I Heart You Reader’s Digest

I’ve mentioned before in trying to stay connected with what is going on at home I receive our hometown newspaper on my Kindle reading device.  Somehow, receiving news from the English language television stations that we receive, even though they are the “international” versions doesn’t give me the perspective that I need sometimes.  I think that e readers are the bestest inventions ever (yes, bestest is a word Mr. Spellchecker).

The “Newstand” section of my Kindle is beginning to get a little cluttered but I continue to find magazines that are reasonably priced and that interest me.  My current repertoire includes More, Women’s Health, Woman’s Day, Rachel Ray, Yoga Journal and Prevention.  My favorite out of my collection however, is Reader’s Digest.  Yes, good old Reader’s Digest that’s been around for 91 years now, the magazine that publishes articles on many topics from other magazines and newspapers, occasionally shortening them, combining them in one handy-dandy “digest”.  Reader’s Digest was at one time the highest circulating general interest magazine in the United States, reaching more than 16 million readers a month. Beginning in 1938 RD could be read in 17 languages.  The Canadian edition first appeared in July 1947 in French and in February 1948 in English, and now the bulk of it is Canadian content.    The magazine filed for bankruptcy protection in February for the second time in four years. Many people think of it as a magazine that they would only read at the Doctor’s, Dentist or maybe Grandma’s house, but I still enjoy reading it.  Many more will equate the magazine with Ed McMahon and the Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes.

There are several reasons why I like Reader’s Digest.  For starters it’s one of the easiest magazines to read on the Kindle and it’s interactive.  The magazine itself is an app and every month it shows up ready to download.  Whoever invented the app and the magazine’s design is a genius. Having the magazine in app form allows for it to have “extras” and makes it interactive.  If I’ve got the WiFi active on the Kindle it will also allow me to tap for more web content, video or stories.

The magazine is also easy to navigate through.  To read and article I swipe the screen up and to go to the next story I swipe from right to left.  This contrasts with my other magazines that stay pretty much static on the screen and requires me to navigate around a page and enlarge print.  It’s easy to browse through quickly for a specific article or section.  One of my favorite sections is “Word Power”.  There is no pen or pencil required and to erase the answers I simply tap for the next page.  It makes it easy to go back and retry the questions if I’ve had a particularly difficult go at it.

This month I’ve read a great article about a father’s group at Deloitte in Canada.  I’ve learned that there’s a good many reasons why I should indulge in my favorite Fall fruit; apples.  I learned more about 3D printers, should I wish to buy the home version for $1,299.00 to make things out of plastic.  (Although I think Panama has enough plastic items without me contributing more.)  I’ve learned that smiling will help me to look younger, help with stress and live longer and I’ve read the humor articles that help in achieving those goals.

Today, even though I’ve made bread dough to proof, loaded supper into the slow cooker, and baked a cake the bed remains unmade and I don’t really have an idea of my lesson plan for English class this afternoon.  And it’s all because of the lure of Reader’s Digest, taking me to the world outside of the campo.  But I still heart you Reader’s Digest, you make me smile.


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4 Responses to I Heart You Reader’s Digest

  1. tetmarqueses says:

    Nice article! Glad you have a pleasant experience with Reader’s Digest. And thanks for the pingback!

  2. shellmcc1106 says:

    Love Reader’s Digest! A friend of mine gives me her copies when she is finished. If I run out of the pile before the next batch I feel lost…

    • indacampo says:

      Does that make us seem old and grandmotherly? I love the way everything is condensed into one document. Goes with my philosophy of minimum output maximum results. 🙂

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