Somebody in Spain…

is messing with my statistics the last few days.  Whoever you are, welcome and I hope you’re enjoying reading!

This morning we had a double view; the moon on one side of the house and a lovely sunrise on the other.  Life is busy these days but not too busy to look at the sky.  And now I’m off for a wee bit of a rest in the lovely breeze of the campo.  Happy Friday!

¡Adiós Señor Luna!

¡Adiós Señor Luna!

¡Hola Señor Sol!

¡Hola Señor Sol!


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4 Responses to Somebody in Spain…

  1. Carol says:

    It was a Harvest moon last night….Bigger and more beautiful from Panama!

  2. Carmen Padín says:

    Good morning from Madrid/ España – It was a great surprise to find your greetings in your post – thank you!! I found your blog searching information about Panama and I love it. Mucha suerte en Panamá y hasta pronto / Carmen

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