Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside ~ Working on Saturday

This week’s WP Photo Challenge  asks the participants to “share what you see on the inside. It could be something literally inside…”

In Panama the average wage for a day laborer varies from a low of $15.00 a day to a high of $25.00 a day.  They usually work five and a half days of the week for the most part, although I do know of a couple of crews that only work five days a week.

During the week the trabajadors will arrive at the job site at 7:00, break for lunch for an hour at 12:00 and leave around 4:00.  On hot days, they generally stop for a break in the shade and for water about every hour.

Our new neighbor is getting a fence built and she’s using workers from one of the larger crews around town.  She’s found that everything takes a little more time in Panama and her planned three-week trip has now been extended to four.  She still doesn’t have water or electricity and so we’ve allowed the workers to use our water hose to mix their concrete and when they’ve needed electricity we’ve brought the extension cord out and connected it to ours.

This morning the crew arrived at 6:45, inside the truck…

Workers Inside

And it’s a beautiful Saturday working day in the campo.

More Inside:

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5 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside ~ Working on Saturday

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  5. Kris says:

    There’s a lot of people in this country who work very hard for not much money!

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