Ladies Who Brunch

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. ~ Voltaire ~ 

Some days I get really fortunate and receive an invitation to do something a little out of the ordinary.  Yesterday, a group of us were lucky enough to be invited to brunch as a thank you for helping out with the spay and neuter clinic last weekend.

Ladies who lunch is a phrase often used to describe well-off, well-dressed women who meet for social luncheons, usually during the working week. Typically, the women involved are married and non-working. Normally the lunch is in a high-class restaurant, but could also take place in a department store during a shopping trip. Sometimes the lunch takes place under the pretext of raising money for charity.  

~ Wikipedia ~

The brunch took place at Villa Esplenderosa in the Los Destiladeros area of the Pedasi District.

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Although the small group of us don’t fall into the well off, well dressed group (one of my amigas was wearing a lovely pair of earrings if that counts), it was during the work week. She of the fab earrings had to be back to the burg later in afternoon to go to work, whereas the most pressing appointment the rest of us had was working off our brunch with a yoga video.  And even though we weren’t in a high-class restaurant the food was delicious and the villa and the grounds surrounding it are truly spectacular even on a gray rainy day.  Brainstorming about how to generate some funds and raise awareness in the community was also on the agenda after our lovely vegetarian meal with not one, but two desserts.

I’m really finding that even on the torrential, down pouring rainy days, there is much beauty, great companionship and yummy food in the campo.


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4 Responses to Ladies Who Brunch

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Oh I love this place!!

    • indacampo says:

      Isn’t it beautiful? My friend’s house where we went for our spa day is next door and is smaller but the view is equally stunning.

  2. Kris says:

    What a great way to spend a rainy afternoon!

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