Home For Sale in Pedasi


Our friends have remodeled and are now selling a little house they call The Castle right in town, within walking or cycling distance to almost everything.  Here’s the link to one of the sites it’s listed on:

Home For Sale in Pedasi, Los Santos, Panama | Listing ID 5310.

I’ve seen the house, it’s cute and would make for an economical home to live in full-time at the price of $89,900.00 USD or an excellent part-time home.  The back yard is large and  there has been enough improvements done to make it comfortable and move in ready.

The contact information is on the link!


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4 Responses to Home For Sale in Pedasi

  1. Judi says:

    Do you live in pedasi

  2. I’d like to see the house when I come to Pedasi.

  3. Does it include furniture?

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