Dreary Wednesday

Yesterday, when we woke up to rain then the sky cleared and we had a hot sunshiny day.  Today the sun is once again hiding behind the clouds but the distant rumble of thunder appears to show that it’s not going to clear up as quickly today.

An old running injury is bothering me radiating pain down my left leg.  My brain tells me I’d like to work out but I don’t think the body is willing.  And my common sense tells me to listen to my body and take it easy.  And so, although I winced through yoga on Monday morning I guess that I’ll take another day off.

We’re still getting a lot of spiders around la casa.  And I’m still feeling very grateful for the screen doors that are keeping them outside the house.  We’re walking through webs everywhere in the garden and yesterday SU found this one.

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It was difficult to pick just one to show the beauty of this spider.  It is quite large and its web is a different color.  The little black balls are its future meals all wound up waiting to be eaten.  While SU and I were out looking at it we touched the web a few times startling the spider into thinking that it had caught something.  It was interesting to see how it moved its legs trying to find where the insect was caught.

The rain makes Dos Gatos act like bored three-year old children.  They constantly want attention because they can’t go outside and hide under the bushes or sleep in the shade.  Today, they’ll be on their own trying to entertain themselves because we’re off to Chitre to get the vehicle serviced.  So for us, a dreary day in the campo turns into a day of running around in the rain.


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2 Responses to Dreary Wednesday

  1. Kris says:

    Wow, that’s a beauty. Interesting how it looks so different from each side.

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