Tocino para desayuno, An Ode to a Lazy Day Breakfast

I have more than a couple of friends for whom bacon seems a dietary staple.  Today, on a rainy morning, having had a busy day yesterday and after consulting with SU about his food feelings, I decided that yes, I was going to make bacon for breakfast.

Bacon in Panama is very expensive.  Not that it isn’t expensive in Canada but the North American imported bacon here is pricey.  In the past, we’ve bought bacon in bulk from PriceSmart but not having visited the mega store for a while we’ve run out of all but one packet of turkey bacon in the freezer.  I know not what I am saving that one packet for, maybe a turkey bacon emergency of some sort, but it’s in there anyway.

Because of the high price of those little piggy strips we have started using the Panamanian produced bacon or in español, tocino.  For less than $2.00 we get a small pack of tocino, which is usually folded over itself or cut into half slices.  We both agree it’s just enough for a morning nosh of smoked piggy delightfulness.  And it taste pretty good too.

I cooked those little pieces on the gas stove instead of firing up the microwave as I usually do.  When I put the pan on the stove this morning and lit the flame and the bacon began to cook, it reminded me of early, dewy mornings around a Coleman camp stove.  The smell of the propane and the fat beginning to melt into the pan set off an olfactory memory I guess. Served with sunny side up eggs, fresh fruit, and toasted boule bread (thanks to a new recipe from an amiga and the delivery of a commercial size mixmaster in a roundabout way from Vecina) we had a lovely breakfast this morning.

And what is the best thing about all of this?  It’s not the weekend, it’s Tuesday in the campo.

This is what we woke to yesterday morning.  Today, it was raining early in the morning.

This is what we woke to yesterday morning. Today, it was raining early in the morning.


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4 Responses to Tocino para desayuno, An Ode to a Lazy Day Breakfast

  1. Oh, Yes! I am a lover of smoked piggy delightfulness myself! This is a post that speaks to my heart, I am a believer in the well known truth that, ‘everything’s better with bacon or tocino!’ It’s indeed a treat to be enjoyed in moderation but one that always makes me smile! Glad you dove into that emergency stash! Cheers!

  2. Kris says:

    In the campo, every day is the weekend!

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