A Way to Help By Giving Just a Little!

One of my readers commented to let me know that Groupon Panama is running a campaign to help the Fundación San Francisco de Asís the group that was just here this weekend for the spay and neuter campaign.  For just $3.00 you can help care for abandoned animals and support the good work of this foundation.

Fundación San Francisco de Asís is a non-profit organization that runs spay and neuter campaigns, helps to educate the public about animal care, supports sponsors to foster animals and offers re socialization for abused animals.

It’s only $3.00, less than a cup of coffee for those of you in North America, although you can buy as many donations as you want.  Give a little to save a lot.  100% of your money goes to the foundation.

You know you want to…and do it now.  The campaign expires September 5th.

Thank you all,

Karen Ann

Please go to this link to give:


*Note – The page will be in Spanish, if you are having trouble with the translation please use Google – translate this page or right-click on the page and click on “Translate with Bing”.  If you don’t have a Panamanian Groupon account you will also be required to register for one. 



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