Last Sunday of the Month

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about my experiences this weekend with the FUNDACION SAN FRANCISCO DE ASIS spay and neuter campaign in the burg. Bouquete’s procedure is somewhat different from Pedasi’s. Thanks to Cindy for posting such detail about her experience! More to come!

Chapter 3: Loving Retirement in Panama and now, Colombia

Yesterday was the last Sunday of the month which means it is the Amigos de Animales Spay and Neuter Clinic.

The day actually begins on Saturday when it is time to take a small day care center and turn it into an in-take processing area, pre-op area, surgical room, post-op area and recovery room. Every square inch is used in the most efficient manner possible.

On Sunday, the veterinarians arrive from Costa Rica to begin operating on at least 100 animals. Owners and animal collectors bring cats and dogs first to registration. It only costs $10 to ‘fix’ a dog and $5 for cats. Yesterday we saw sooooo many cats. Most of them are feral, trapped by the collectors. Many times the females are pregnant. If they are caught early, the kittens can be aborted. Yesterday we got a cat that was close to delivery and the kittens can be…

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