Birds on a Wire

The Gray Breasted Martin is a type of swallow that catches insects in flight.  During Wet Season when all the insects return, so do the Martins.  They are amazing to watch as they dip and swoop in the early morning and late afternoon when the insects are at their most plentiful over the back field.

Only five swallow species breed in Panama, the Gray Breasted Martin being one of them.  They are very common throughout the country in open areas and like to live near water. There was a large group of Martins grooming on the wires out front this morning.  They go out to hunt and then come back to rest for a while.

It’s cloudy and rainy today, the type of day where we can sit on the back porch and watch the rain and hear the waves on the ocean crashing in the distance.  The Martins don’t seem to mind as they perch on the wire, waiting to fly off for breakfast in the campo.



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